PMS1000 Polarimeter and Polarization Scrambler/Transformer

PMS1000 is a combination of the PM1000 polarimeter with the EPS1000 polarization scrambler/transformer.

Key features

  • All functionalities and data of PM1000 and EPS1000
  • Ideal for polarimetric characterization of devices under test (DUT) and synthesis of desired polarization states
  • Opto-mechanical 2x2 switch (optional) can connect output of LiNbO3 polarization transformer directly to input of polarimeter, as a reference (REF). Insertion loss of each path is therby increased by ~0.5 dB (<1 dB).
  • Another opto-mechanical 2x2 switch (optional) can exchange output of LiNbO3 polarization transformer and input of polarimeter, to determine DUT reciprocity by backward measurement.
  • Power consumption: ~15 W (+5 V from included power supply 100-240 V)
  • Available as 1 or 2 desktop units, 19'' 1U rackmount, and module cards
  • Switching between PM1000 and EPS1000 via control buttons, or parallel operation via USB


  • Reproducibility: REF was tested against itself 20 times, each time with different polarization transformations, due to different fiber layouts/bends. Worst-case PDL was 0.05 dB. In this test, each Mueller matrix is measured in 5.12 us.
  • More than 4 polarizations or longer averaging can improve accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Ideal for optical frequency scans with laser having a known scan speed and trigger input or output. 8M measurements can be stored! We support you in the usage of your tunable laser source!
  • See this video. Initial polarization search (voltage table generation) has meanwhile been accelerated to just a few seconds. It can be used for millions of measurements thereafter.
  • PMD <10 fs ... 10 ps can be measured with standard deviation ≤3 fs, see here.
  • See here for more results.


PMS1000 for measurement of Mueller and Jones matrices and PMD of a device under test (DUT). Optional components are shaded. EPS1000 polarization scrambler/transformer and PM1000 polarimeter are also individually accessible.