PM1000 Polarimeter

Key features

  • Measurement of all 4 Stokes parameters, display on PoincarĂ© sphere and in oscilloscope mode. For Stokes parameter/vector display modes see here.
  • 100 MHz polarization state sampling frequency. 64 M polarization states can be recorded.
  • Averaging (10 ns, 20 ns, 40 ns, ... , 2.68 s), triggering, gating available.
  • Rich internal triggering possibilities by intensity and SOP events (1 rad/s ... >100 Mrad/s, or polarization distance), pre- and post-trigger event recording, automatic storing and downloading of multiple (>100000) records.
  • Alternatively, rate-adaptive endless sampling automatically captures fast events with up to 10 ns temporal resolution and dramatically saves memory. The concurrently possible data downloading is needed only after seconds, hours or even months (depending on how frequent the fast events are).
  • Perfectly suited for automated long-term assessment of polarization transients and fluctuations.
  • Realtime PoincarĂ© sphere display up to 100 MHz in graphical user interface (GUI) or 50 MHz on connected monitor (HDMI; 720p60). Not a single sample is lost!
  • 100 MHz memory view, zoom in oscilloscope mode, screenshots, numeric display
  • Extintion measurement ER >44 dB, Speed histogram, intensity histogramm
  • Full support of EPS1000 polarization scrambler/transformer and EPX1000 polarization controller/demultiplexer and scrambler/transformer for measurement of Mueller matrix and Jones matrix, with temporal resolution down to 10 ns, as well as PDL <0.01...>60 dB, PMD <10 fs ... >1 ns (PMS1000). An EPS1000 or EPX1000 module can be plugged onto and be operated from the PM1000 module.
  • Automated polarization extinction ratio (PER) measurement, e.g. upon PMF pulling or laser frequency tuning, with gating possibilities to avoid tuning-induced polarization artifacts
  • C&L band (extendable 1427... nm) or 1310 nm operation
  • Power consumption: ~5 W (+5 V from included power supply 100-240 V)
  • Available as a desktop unit, as a module card, and as an intellectual property (IP) core
  • Realtime operation via Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or trigger/gating input/output (BNC)
  • Can be used without extra computer. Operation via control buttons of desktop unit or USB or SPI. Software with GUI is included. Results can be displayed on the monitor or by the GUI. Support of Matlab™, Octave, Python and Visual Basic.
  • Optional:
    • Software components for measurement of Mueller and Jones matrix and of PMD
    • Built-in tunable C&L band lasers
  • We are eager to accommodate special requirements.


  • PM1000 flyer
  • PM1000 user guide
  • PM1000 application note 05
  • PM1000 data sheet is available upon request.
  • Pictures

    Monitor 720p60 can be connected.

    PM1000 Polarimeter

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