EPX1000 Polarization Controller/Demultiplexer and Scrambler/Transformer

EPX1000 is a combination of the EPC1000 polarization controller/-demultiplexer with the EPS1000 polarization scrambler/transformer.

Key features

  • All functionalities and data of EPC1000 and EPS1000, with the following exceptions:
  • Opto-mechanical switch connects output of LiNbO3 polarization transformer alternatively with polarization beam splitter (for polarization controller/demultiplexer EPC1000) or with additional output (for polarization scrambler/transformer EPS1000).
  • Insertion loss is therby increased by ~0.5 dB (<1 dB) to ~3.0 ... ~5.5 dB (EPC1000) or ~2.0 ... ~3.5 dB (EPS1000).
  • Power consumption: ~12 W (+5 V from included power supply 100-240 V)
  • Available as a standalone unit in a desktop case (for fixation of opto-mechanical switch)
  • LiNbO3 polarization transformer has SMF output, so that the polarization scrambler causes no PMD.
  • Switching between EPC1000 and EPS1000 via control buttons or USB (software is included)
  • For controller configurations and ordering codes see here (but with EPX instead of EPC) as well as below. For desired scrambler properties see here.

Configuration examples

Controller function (EPC1000) with standard configuration for cost-effective polarization demultiplex of polarization-multiplexed DQPSK signals. Standard or polarization maintaining output fibers available. Broadband interference between polarization channels is minimized, using photoreceivers and RF detector.

Controller function (EPC1000) for polarized input signals (= having a single polarization). Cross-polarized signal intensity is minimized at second polarization beam splitter output. Co-polarized signal exits therefore with maximum intensity at main polarization beam splitter output.



EPX1000 polarization controller/demultiplexer and scrambler/transformer