EPC1000 Polarization and Phase Controller for QKD

Key features

  • Worldwide unique product: Endless optical polarization and phase (difference) control
  • Not only an unknown variable incoming polarization is transformed into a fixed output polarization, but also the phase difference between this polarization and its orthogonal is controlled, endlessly (without any interruption).
  • Indispensable for fiberoptic quantum key distribution (QKD) based on BB84 or similar protocol implemented in the polarization domain.
  • Pilot signals (0°, 45°) in the frequency domain (wavelength domain) or in the time domain
  • The whole normalized Stokes space of the probe signal is stabilized.
  • Endless tracking speed 20 krad/s (typically)
  • See this presentation and our publication First Endless Optical Polarization and Phase Tracker (OFC/NFOEC 2013).
  • We have developed more functionalities and are eager to accommodate special requirements.

Functional demonstration